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Berlin 2015 – Silver Bear for Cinematography

Original title: Под электрическими облаками

Directed by: Aleksei Alekseivich German

Written by: Aleksei Alekseivich German

Cast: Louis Franck, Merab Ninidze, Viktoriya Korotkova

Production country: Russia, Ukraine, Poland

Language: Russian

Runtime: 138 min.

Russia 2017. The world could be on the verge of a great war. People are anxious that things could fall apart. Revolving around an unfinished building, a diverse group of outsiders struggle to find their place in this rapidly changing society, making up the mosaic of existence that is life itself…

A dense, sprawling, melancholy, angry parable that deploys seven interconnected stories to probe the diseased soul of contemporary Russia, Alexey German Jr’s new film is a fragmented tour de force, a ravishingly shot, thought-provoking triumph of non-linear filmmaking. Slowly assembling its cinematic mosaic piece by piece, and saturated with references to Russian history, politics, art, literature and social issues, it demands commitment of its audience. (Screen Daily)

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