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Dvorana Kulturnog centra / 29.11. u 12:00h
Art bioskop Kolarac / 27.11. u 17:30h

Locarno 2015 – Award Doc Alliance Selection

Title: Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)
Director: Abbas Fahdel
Writer: Abbas Fahdel
Cinematographer: Abbas Fahdel
Editor: Abbas Fahdel
Country: Iraq, France
Running time: 334’
Language: Arabic

First part, BEFORE THE FALL, follows Iraqis and some of the members of the director’s family. For several months, Fahdel documents their expectations of the war until first strikes of the American army in Baghdad. Second part, AFTER THE BATTLE, concentrates on the consequences of the invasion and ends with the death of a twelve year old boy, who is Fahdel’s nephew.

Without any polishing, movie shows crude reality in war context. It is a transformation of the joyful everyday of members of his family, to the death of his nephew, without any need for sensationalism.