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The independent film is an indispensable mean to promote the thinking spirit of a country. It is often that the latter defines the reputation of its country beyond its frontiers. What would happen to the audience, film amateurs and connaisseurs if such film wouldn’t exist? How could we promote French cinematography without authors who started their carriers in the independent movies?

It transposes our reality seen from various angles, like social, poetical or political. France and Serbia share the love for independent movies. Like every year, we our proud to be partners of the Festival of Authors Film and will present you for the second time an ACID programme.

It is up to us, cinema lovers, to transform independent movies into commercial successes, thus encouraging distributors to secure them a place in their catalogues.

It’s autumn, come and hide from the cold in cinemas. Have a nice festival!


SWAGGER (FR, 2016 / 84′)
KINOTEKA (Uzun Mirkova – Velika sala) / 29.11. at 21:00h

Director: Olivier Babinet
Stars: Aïssatou Dia, Maryama Diallo, Abou Fofana

A teen-movie documentary, Swagger carries us in the midst od the astonishing minds of eleven teenagers growing up in one of the most underprivileged neighborhood in France. Despite their life difficulties, Aulnay’a and Sevran’s kids have drams and ambitions. And no one will take that from them.


WILLY THE FIRST (FR, 2016 / 82’)

Director: Hugo P. Thomas, Marielle Gautier, Ludovic & Zoran Boukherma
Stars: Daniel Vannet, Noémi Lvovsky, Romain Léger…

When his twin brother dies, Willy, 50, finally decides to leave his parent’s home. He moves to a small nearby town to start afresh. “In Caudebec I’ll live. An apartment, I’ll have one. And friends, too. And you can all go to hell!” Through a misfit, Willy tries to find his place in a world unknown.