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Film Toni Erdmann will be featured on the program of the 22nd Auteur Film Festival. The film received the FIPRESCI Award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, which is awarded by the International Federation of Film Critics and is nominated for this year’s Best European Film.

The German film of the director Maren Ade, which depicts a relationship between a father and a daughter in an estranged world focused on success, through humor and fresh authenticity, has five nominations at the European Film Awards (for: European film, European director, European actress, European actor, European screenwriter). This is the third feature film of the thirty-nine-year-old director, Marin Ade, who is the representative of the new German wave. Also, it is the first German movie to have competed for Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival after Wim Wenders’ Palermo Shooting in 2008.


The next in line, when it comes to the number of nominations, is the current Cannes Film Festival winner I, Daniel Blake, which will open the 22 Auteur Film Festival on the 25th of November. This achievement by Ken Loach is nominated for European film, and the famous British director is among those nominated in the category for European director. I, Daniel Blake is also nominated for European screenwriter (Paul Laverty) and European actor (Dave Johns).

In addition, Cristian Mungiu is nominated for European director and European screenwriter for the film Graduation. This movie is going to premiere on this year’s Festival on the 30th of November in the Belgrade Youth Center, at 7:30 pm.


The 22nd Auteur Film Festival is going to be held from the 25th of November to the 3rd December. And besides the above-mentioned, the main program of this year’s festival is going to feature nineteen more achievements, eleven of which are competing for Grand Prix Aleksandar Saša Petrović. Sweet Movie (1974) by Dušan Makavejev is going to be shown within the main program.

Auteur Film Festival has been representing and promoting a new, different, and authentic artistic expression since its foundation. In today’s world cinema, there are little of such free, brave, innovative, radical, socially critical, witty, philosophical, poetic and stylistic contemporary movies like Sweet Movie. The abolition of taboos, both narrative and visual, revelation of petty bourgeois, confusing and shocking that apathetic world, ridiculing the absurdity of totalitarianism, stupidity. That is the uncompromising poetic expression of Dušan Makavejev, or as the song of the band Partibrejkers says – Freedom or nothing else” – Srđan Golubović, the President of the Festival’s Council, points out.

Apart from the main program, the festival is going to include a bigger number of accompanying programs, which includes plays, educational programs and workshops.

The main hall of the festival will be the Belgrade Youth Center this year as well, while the festival is going to held in the hall of The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the old and new building of the Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive, in the cinema Fontana, UK Parobrod, Culture Center „Studentski Grad“, Art cinema (at the Kolarac Foundation and UK Palilula).

Ticket sale for the 22nd Auteur Film Festival begins as of today on all box offices, except for the programs which are shown at the old and new building of Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive. The tickets for this program are going to be on sale from Monday, the 14th of November.

If you want to attend Auteur Film Festival, the link for the accreditation form is: http://faf.rs/22-festival-autorskog-filma/zahtev-za-akreditovanje/

We kindly ask you to send the form with your photo until the 18th of November.

All information about the program can be located on the festival website: www.faf.rs