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Dom kulture Studentski Grad /  30.11. u 18:00h
Art bioskop Kolarac / 29.11. u 18:30h
Dvorana Kulturnog centra /  1.12. u 16:30h
UK Palilula / 2.12. u 20:30h
Kinoteka, Uzun Mirkova  1, Mala sala / 27.11. u 16h

Munich 2015 – Victor Award

Title: Ce qu’il reste de la folie
Director: Joris Lachaise
Writer: Joris Lachaise
Cinematographer: Joris Lachaise
Editor: Joris Lachaise, Bertrand Wolff
Country: France, Senegal
Running time: 101’
Language: French

Lachaise takes us in a psychiatric hospital in a town of Thiaroye, Senegal, with filmmaker Khady Sylla, who who has been admitted there several times. In a conversation with doctors, patients and other staff, opens up delicate issues of therapeutic methods and their connection with colonialism.

A documentary that shows different types of care and influence of different opinions and beliefs of treatments. Brings up a discussion between marabouts and modern doctors and possible correlation of their practices.