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Original title: No Home Movie

Directed by: Chantal Akerman

Written by: Chantal Akerman

Cast: Chantal Akerman, Natali Akerman

Production country: Belgium, France

Language: French, English

Runtime: 115 min.

„This film is above all about my mother, my mother who is no longer with us. About this woman who arrived in Belgium in 1938 , fleeing Poland, the pogroms and the violence. This woman who is only ever seen inside her apartment (…). A film about a world in motion that my mother does not see.“ (Chantal Akerman)

Shuttling among fiction, adaptation, documentary, and essay film, Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman has created one of the most original, daring, and influential oeuvres in film history. The filmic companion to Akerman’s recently published literary self-portrait My Mother Laughs, No Home Movie is a sober, profoundly moving portrait of Akerman’s mother in the months leading up to her death, when she was mostly confined to her Brussels apartment. A Polish Jew who survived Auschwitz, Akerman’s mother suffered from chronic anxiety all her life, an affliction that fuelled much of her daughter’s creative output and helped shape Akerman’s thematic preoccupations with gender, sex, cultural identity, existential ennui, solitude, and mania.

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