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21. Auteur Film Festival brings over 80 new films

The Auteur Film Festival, one of the most important cultural events, this year will be held the 21st time from 27 November to 5 December. The main program of the festival, which traditionally presents the best works of art films from around the world and winners of prestigious international film festivals, this year consists of

Venice Golden Lion winner From Afar by Lorenzo Vigas at 21st Auteur Film Festival

The 21st Auteur Film Festival, a traditional city event dedicated to the greatest film fans and the audience who wants to broad the horizons, takes place at several city locations from November 27 to December 6. The cult film festival will present interesting films which bring new trends in the auteur film. Festival will be

2nd Balkan Film Connection is open for application

The Balkan Film Connection is a 5-day educational program and networking platform in the frame of the Auter Film Festival in Belgrade, dedicated to Southeast European film students and young professionals. It consists of interactive lectures, one-on-one working meetings, discussions and film projections, aimed at helping participants develop their personal, unique auteur films, as well

View of the world, or why Auteur Film Festival came to life

Auteur Film Festival was established twenty years ago in Serbia and Belgrade under sanctions, isolated, in total darkness and cut off from the rest of the world. In a country excluded from all cultural and civilizational events, in the pre Internet age, all windows and doors were closed, boarded up, bolted, and we, amongst it